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Maligning the Tea Partiers

May 12, 2010

People always ask me, “Bob, how does it feel to have all the power and influence you have?”

Every time I am asked that question, or a version of it, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. First of all, where does the laughter come in?

Well, I laugh because the question is meaningless in that it assumes I have power and influence far beyond my wildest dreams.

I could cry because there are so many people in this once great Republic who have access to all sorts of information and yet they are too lazy to read or to listen to the messages that are out there.

They don’t even know the history of our country. They don’t know what our country truly stands for. They don’t know what the Constitution says.

They don’t know their rights. They don’t know the limits of their rights. And, worst of all, what information they do get, is sent to them from a left-wing media that is corrupt.

I say the media is corrupt because it censors the news it doesn’t want you to have and paints a false picture of what it wants you to believe.

I will give you an example of what I mean. Here is a classic example. When the media reports on a tea party function, it does not show the range of decent law abiding, respectful citizens.

Instead the media might focus on some agitator who is NOT a tea party member. It will focus on someone cursing and shouting obscenities AT the tea party, leaving the viewer with the false impression this vituperative scoundrel is a member of the tea party organization.

They do this all the time. There was a classic example of what I am talking about at a rally the other day in California. The people on camera were complaining about the tea party meeting which was going on a quarter of a mile away.

But NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN left us with the impression these people were not shouting names at tea party members, but were being nasty and ugly toward President Obama and Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

If the media were not in the tank for Obama and the Democrats they would not do that. But they do it every chance they get.

It is truly amazing that only 39 percent of the American voters say they would vote for Barack Obama again.

I am paid to give my opinions and commentaries. I do not present myself as a reporter, but I do check my facts and the background of the issues I am talking or writing about.

When I began my career as a reporter for CBS News in Chicago, I presented reports without slanting the news. As a matter of fact, during the presidential campaign of 1956 when President Dwight Eisenhower was running against Adlai Stevenson after having beaten the Illinois governor in l948, I received complaints from listeners on both sides claiming I was favoring the “other guy!”

It amused me that a Stevenson supporter would criticize me for being pro Eisenhower and a Republican listener disapproved of my “pro Democrat slant.” When that occurred, I would know I was doing my job as a reporter.

But, I am happy to tell you for many years I have not presented myself as a reporter and anyone who knows anything about my work on the air can tell you I am a man who is not ashamed to air my opinions.

But, the so-called reporters on the other networks are deceiving you into thinking they are being objective. They are not objective. They are dishonest and those of you reading this blog should do your best to spread the word!

More importantly, where do we go from here? I fear the United States of America as we have known it cannot last much longer.

Instead of welcoming newcomers to this abundant land as people who want to become Americans, we are tearing down all that we have stood for in order to accommodate foreign beliefs and foreign customs.

Islam will probably be the undertaker who buries this once great land . . . only because we are too divided and fearful, and no longer proud of what we once were.

Bob Grant

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