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September 30, 2010

How many of you are familiar with Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?

Well . . . how many of you have heard of the Gettysburg address? There, that’s more in keeping with our sloppy history knowledge.

The 16th president said many things of great wisdom. His observation of the human condition was obvious. He loved mankind, but he despaired that people would not seek knowledge and self improvement.

He said in part, “. . . you cannot raise the poor by destroying the rich.” This quote showed his insight into the weakness of man and the temptation for man to think he can better himself if only he could knock down those who have more.

If the great emancipator were to come back to earth today, what would he think?

It is fascinating to conjecture on such things. After all, though Honest Abe was infinitely more intelligent than most of his peers, he also had the common touch.

He could understand the high and the mighty as much as he could understand the humble, handicapped citizen. There was a goodness and decency in the man that politicians usually don’t have.

This brings me to the point I want to make. There are virtually no politicians on the American scene today who impress me as being in politics and running for public office because they want to do good.

Most, if not all of them, are in the political arena because they want something for themselves. Power is the main attraction of political office. Money, too, must fit somewhere in the politician’s wish list.

A person bettering his station in life through politics is not in itself bad. The yardstick is best supplied, perhaps by another American president, our 22th and 24th chief executive, Grover Cleveland.

Now, of course, Lincoln was a Republican. But Grover Cleveland was a Democrat. This was in the late 1800s when the Democrat Party was not the Socialist Party of today.

Grover Cleveland is one of my favorite presidents because he said, “Public office is a public TRUST!”

Cleveland seemed to practice what he preached. He, like Lincoln, had a conscience and love of America.

I recall during the presidential campaign of 2008 receiving criticisms from several listeners to my daily show on WABC. This was a program airing from 8 until 10 p.m.

People felt I was taking it easy on Barack Obama. Perhaps I was, but I also pointed out to the audience the many negative things about him.

Even then I had grave misgivings about his honesty and love of America. I could not see how a person so close to the so-called Reverend Jeremiah Wright would not also share Wright’s hatred for America.

Actually Wright does hate America. He makes it perfectly clear when he mocks the phrase, “God Bless America.” Wright said, “I say God damn America!”

When Barack Obama pretended he was not aware of that phrase, I knew he was really a fake, phony fraud. The majority of the American media covered up for this pretender by not seeming to notice.

For many strange reasons, they wanted this man to be the 44th president of the United States of America. It is incredible that the mainstream media denizens would put aside the fiscal, military, and social concerns in order to satisfy the bizarre craving for our first black president.

And therein lies the problem —not that he is black or half black if you’re a stickler for accuracy.

Because of the racial component most of us did not want to appear racist. I understand, perhaps better than anyone else, what can happen when the Jacobins are out to get you.

I had a conversation with a white woman not too long ago. She attended a speech I was giving.

After I was finished and took some questions from members of the audience, a rather portly, but attractive woman with a German accent asked me if I didn’t dislike Barack Obama because he was black.

I paused for a moment, looked her square in the eyes and asked, “Do you like Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas?” She said, “No, he doesn’t deserve to be on the Supreme Court!”

I then chuckled along with the rest of the audience. My point had been made. She didn’t dislike Clarence Thomas because he is a conservative, and this woman is a flaming liberal.

When the audience quieted down I replied, “Madam, it’s perfectly alright that you don’t like Justice Thomas, just as it’s perfectly alright that I don’t like Barack Obama.”

You say Judge Thomas“ opinions are not good for America.What can the rest of you say about the opinions of Barack Obama?

God help us!

Bob Grant

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