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Happy Independence Day!

July 1, 2010

Here we are on the eve of another birthday party.

Whose birthday? Our birthday. Each and every one of us who are Americans is having a birthday on July 4th.

As a nation, we were born on this date in 1776.

Does that year have a special ring to it? Most of us should respond to that date with pride and joy.

But, little by little, the enemies of America are diluting that pride and joy by destroying out history.

Now, before you stop reading this because you think it sounds crazy, please pay attention and I think it will all make sense.

First I referred to our enemies. I am not talking about the Chinese in Beijing or the Russians in Moscow, or even the gang in Tehran, Iran . . . I am talking about our enemies here in the United States.

Sad to say, I am talking about people who are American citizens. I’m talking about people, who in many cases have been born with silver spoons in their mouths.

I am talking about people who are not even sure why they hate this country except they want to destroy this country as it exists today.

One of the reasons some people hate this country is they never got over the fact this nation permitted slavery and Jim Crow laws to exist.

But, thanks to white people like Abraham Lincoln and the creation of the Republican Party in 1854, slavery was eliminated at the cost of over 600,000 American lives and many American treasures.

It would take volumes to tell the complete and dramatic and inspiring story of the success of the civil rights struggle. But, all we have to do today to understand the depth of that story is to look around and see what America is like today and what the president of the United States looks like.

It is true that I think the American people made a tragic mistake when they elected Barack Obama president.

I say that not because he is black; I say that because he is a socialist and a narcissistic demagogue who lies to the American people on a regular basis.

If you denounce Mr. Obama and someone says, “You don’t like him because he’s black,” I suggest you ask that Democrat, “Do you like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?”

When they tell you they don’t, then why don’t you ask them, “Oh, you don’t like him because he’s black”

Then what do they say? All of this is beside the point of what we must focus on, and that is there are millions of people in this country who want to destroy it — people like Jeremiah Wright who says, “I don’t say God bless America . . . I say God damn America!”

What Wright really means is God damn WHITE America!

I could go on and on about this double standard we have in this country where Mr. Wright gets away with out and out racist screeds but I am a pariah because I stand up against that double standard.

But, as I look back on what has happened to my career since April 3, 1996, I think paradoxically of something Martin Luther King Jr. said, “When I look back it is not the words of my enemies that hurt . . . it is the silence of my friends.”

So, for those of us who are proud Americans, let us wish ourselves a happy birthday this July fourth.

We don’t really know how many more birthdays our great nation will have!

Bob Grant

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