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Appeal Needed to Overrule Judge

July 29, 2010

Well, here we go again!

The people of a sovereign state of the union vote for something; the state legislature passes the necessary legislation; the governor (Jan Brewer) signs the bill, and along comes a good looking chick, who is actually a federal judge, and she says, “Not so fast everybody! I don’t like every provision of the bill, so it doesn’t meet with my approval!”

And, of course, I am talking about a judge’s ruling that is blocking the way for portions of the controversial Arizona immigration law that has everybody talking.

Is this what the Founding Fathers actually intended when they approved the Constitution of the United States of America?

I don’t think so. Is this an example of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people as spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 when he talked about what must be done to preserve the Union?

Is this what “this once great Republic” was created for . . . for some smug, arrogant young lady, acting as a judge, to create confusion and disarray in America?

This is not the only example of some liberal judge who has the blessing of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) throwing the will of the people out the window.

I have been reading a book by the great Paul Craig Roberts, who sounds very much like me. I have been predicting the end of the United States of America as we have known it.

I first became convinced that we could not endure back in 1970. I said then it would be at least 35 years or more before the manifestation of our breaking a party would be apparent.

I said then, and I will say it again, this once great Republic will not last because we have become a nation unlike any other the history of the world. We have become a nation where “being an American” does not count for anything.

You must be a member of a foreign group. It doesn’t make much difference which foreign group. I am not referring to any one race or any one nationality, or any one ethnic group in particular.

All those people celebrating in the streets of Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and all those other “American” cities with large enclaves of foreign immigrants, legal and illegal, were celebrating their victory over the American citizens who count for less and less.

Did you notice the politicians don’t feel the need to cater to the Americans? They only feel the need to appease every foreign pressure group in this once great country.

We hear so much about politicians being so fearful of alienating the Hispanic vote. Why don’t we ever hear of a politician being afraid of alienating the American vote?

Who does speak for the American interest? Where have they gone? And with each passing day, there are fewer and fewer of those of you who no longer matter to our so-called leaders.

Some day the leviathan of foreign interests will devour them too.

Bob Grant

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