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Why Do Jews Support Obama?

August 20, 2010

I have no problems remembering the date of Israel’s birth as a nation. The country declared its independence on May 14, l948.

I love history and as a rule do not have a problem remembering the dates of historical events. But, in this case it is even easier for me to recall the date of modern Israel’s birth because that was the date I began my professional radio career.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was launching a journey that continues even to this day. I say it continues even though it is a scant footnote to all that has happened since that historic Sunday in l948.

I will have more to say about why I think, my “workload” has been made so light. Since that is not as important as what is going on in the Middle East, I should like to share some of my memories with you.

I don’t believe you have to be Jewish to care about what has happened these past 62 years. I am not Jewish, but I feel a kinship with that tiny, incredible nation.

My interest in the Jewish state began even before the official creation of the tiny nation. It began when I was still in educational radio.

I was working at the Chicago Board of Education public radio station WBEZ. The operation was truly educational, if not for the general public, certainly it was for me. I learned much about the history of America, the world, international history, and virtually every subject you could think of.

A good friend of mine in those far off, exciting days was producing and starring in a series devoted to raising awareness and funds for the Haganah — a Jewish organization, who, along with other quasi military organizations, was fighting the Arabs who were determined to prevent Israel from being born.

Since November 29, l947 when the United Nation voted to partition Palestine, the Arabs would not accept it even though the Jews did. My friend, whose name is Milton Maltz, and I played all of the characters in the dramatizations of the struggle in the Middle East.

Milton, by the way, left working behind the mike to become a radio station owner in Mount Clemons, Michigan, and eventually became the founder and owner and ultra rich CEO of Malrite radio.

He was indeed lucky, smart, and hard working. His luck was that he wanted to be a performer, but didn’t have the voice. So, he didn’t have to worry any longer about getting hired because he did the hiring!

It is very hard for me to reminisce, because so many facts and feelings flood my mind. I really should write a book. I have so many things I want to say, but publishers tell me if I had a syndicated show heard at least five times a week on many stations across the country, they would pay me an advance and publish my book.

What a paradox. There are many talk show hosts out there who don’t even write their books, with the exception of one person. And yet their books are bestsellers as soon as they announce they have the book. There is no need to mention names I am sure you know who they are.

I am afraid I am getting off the subject. The subject is the State of Israel and its survival and I will be writing more about my close relationship with that embattled, brave nation. I have some incredible stories to share with you like the time I had a clandestine interview with Yitzak Rabin in Los Angeles in June of l968.

I look back on so many things that have happened to me in my incredible and, at times, tortuous journey in broadcasting that I can’t believe it.

But, to the events of today, Israel is in a precarious situation because for the first time since President Harry Truman recognized the Jewish state, through every president since, with one exception, Israel has had a friend in the White House.

That one exception is the man who unfortunately is the White House today. Not only is this president sympathetic to the Islamic world, so too are most of his big money supporters.

Would someone please explain to me why a person would continue supporting a president when they know that president is no friend of Israel?

Again, the conundrum . . .

Why do so many American Jews continue to support a president who seems so inimical to their cause?

For that matter, what is their allegiance to the Democrat Party?

Bob Grant

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