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Why Barack Gets the Jewish Vote

July 6, 2010

I see that Barack Obama is going all out to make sure he doesn’t lose the Jewish vote which, he could never lose no matter what anyhow.

A few months ago, some alleged pundits surmised that because the Obama administration did not rubber stamp every request Israel made, the Obama administration was in disfavor with America’s Pro-Israel Lobby (AIPAC), as well as other Jewish organizations.

The hope of Republicans, since they had proven to be the best friends Israel has had from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush, was that the GOP would cut into that huge Jewish vote which is so crucial in Florida, New York, Illinois, and California.

I remember 1976 and l980 here in the state of New York when first Reagan tried to wrest the nomination from Gerald Ford, and then in l980 when the Gipper defeated Jimmy Carter, who was no friend to Israel.

Even then, the Republicans couldn’t win the Jewish vote.

George L. Clark, who was the GOP state chairman, was a good friend of mine. He told candidate Reagan not to waste his time complaining in overwhelmingly Jewish areas.

He said flat out to Reagan, “Even though they have good reason not to like or trust Jimmy Carter and you have earned the Jewish vote, you are just not going to get it.”

The late Max Brudner, a proud Jew and staunch Republican, said, “I don’t get it. My people have been inculcated with a prejudice against Republicans. I really think if a Democrat confessed he was a Nazi they would still vote for him because they love the word Democrat.”

To some of you this may all sound bizarre and it is. However, Jews have told me personally they were raised to never vote for any candidate unless he or she is a Democrat.

So, Barack Obama does not have to mend any fences with the Jewish voter by entertaining Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Three months ago, Netanyahu was given short shrift and treated like a pariah. However, now he sleeps in Blair House and Obama says over and over again the country’s resolve is clear and steadfast that we will never waver in our support of the Jewish state.

So, take that you idle dreamers and deniers of realism. Barack Obama can say anything, can do anything, and still he will never lose the Jewish vote.

What is equally remarkable is that the growing Muslim vote is also his in perpetuity. Hey, that is really something; who else could pull that off?

Who else could persuade the U.S. Department of Justice to refuse to prosecute thugs in Philadelphia? I am referring to the very same thugs who call themselves the “New Black Panther Party” and intimidated voters from voting on Election Day.

Maybe Barack Obama may go down in history as one of our great presidents because he has been able to quash freedom of the press and freedom of speech without a whimper from anybody except the average American schlub like you or me.

Barack, what have you put in everyone’s coffee?

Bob Grant

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