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Obama’s Expensive Trip to India

November 8, 2010

As I write this editorial Barack Obama is doing what he loves best, he is talking about himself and how great he is.

Barack is visiting India at an exorbitant but undisclosed cost to us. Some Indian officials have speculated that the cost could be as high as $200 million per day, however that amount was never confirmed.

This astounding sum is a result of his being chaperoned by the ships, two-jumbo jets, and personnel of the United States Navy. Also, the cost includes and undisclosed number of suites at an exclusive hotel where most of the entourage is staying.

After virtually ignoring India since assuming the presidency, Barack Hussein Obama is trying to distract the American people from the problems at home and from the defeat his party took in last Tuesday’s election.

What disturbs me more than anything about this narcissist is the fact he is so clever and so sure of himself.

As a result of this demeanor, he is able to fool many people and have them seduced by his behavior so they truly think he is a great man.

But, he is anything but a great man. For example, when he was campaigning for office, we all felt (I do not include myself in this assessment) that he had ushered in a new era in race relations.

He was hailed as the post racial leader. But, the real Obama shows that he is very adept at playing the race card whenever it suits him.

He is truly a demagogue capable of taking advantage of an ever increasingly stupid America.

I was chastised by a listener to my WABC radio Sunday broadcast, which is heard from noon to 2 p.m. Eastern time. I was scolded because I referred to the gubernatorial candidate in New York, Carl Paladino, as a clown.

I had interviewed him twice in the past several weeks and this listener felt I should not have said this about Paladino. He thought it made me look hypocritical.

What this gentleman failed to recognize is that it was Paladino’s conduct toward the end of the campaign that I suspect was the cause of the defeat of two excellent candidates on the Republican ticket.

I am talking about Dan Donovan for attorney general and Harry Wilson for comptroller. Both men should have won since they were superbly suited for the offices for which they were running. In addition to that, they were running against two corrupt, dishonorable candidates.

But, because we are talking about New York, we must remember that many voters are ignorant people who think that all Democrats are great and all Republicans are bad.

These are voters who really don’t deserve the privilege of voting. But, there is nothing I can do about it except what I am doing now.

In a perfect world this political lunacy would not exist.

But, then, again, if it were a perfect world, how soon would we make it imperfect?

Think about that.

Bob Grant

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