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Illegals Add To Our Problems

April 27, 2010

There is so much to write about I really don’t know where to begin, so I will write this the same way I have always done my radio programs. I will just share my thoughts and fears and, yes, even my hopes with you, whomever you may be.

First of all, I do believe we are entering another segment of the end of America scenario I have eluded to many times these past 40 years.

This period is the most frightening and yet it seems almost inevitable. I always said as long as white America, or I should say as long as European Americans are docile and accept the outrages committed against this country, there would be no civil strive.

I warned that if the day ever comes when the vast majority of European Americans have had enough of the invasion of illegals from south of the border, north of the border, and everywhere else, then war is a possibility.

Many of these illegals are not interested in accepting our culture and do not wish to become Americans as our ancestors did. When that day comes, we will have civil strife, perhaps, God forbid, civil war. And where that would lead is horrendous but perhaps inevitable.

What is bringing about this latest Jeremiah from me is the reaction to the legislation just passed in the sovereign state of Arizona.

The folks in the state which shares a porous border with Mexico have had it! The murder of a rancher who was protesting illegals running all over his ranch was the last straw.

And this latest murder is the tip of the iceberg since there have been many crimes committed by these invaders from Mexico on innocent men, women, and children.

And let us not forget they are all committing the crime of breaking into our country without going through a legal process of trying to become citizens.

So the people of Arizona enacted a law which states basically that if any officer of the law has reason to suspect a person may be an illegal alien, he or she can ask that person for identification.

Isn’t that reasonable? If you are here legally, case closed, you have nothing to fear.

However, if you are not here legally, the officer could arrest you and at the very least send you back to your homeland.

This has brought about a hue and cry from ambulance chasers like Al Sharpton, who has never missed an opportunity to inject himself into any issue which will give him the publicity he craves. And Sharpton needs attention and publicity just as you and I need food and water to survive.

I fear this is only the beginning. But, I also hope it is the beginning because if we Americans go on ignoring these outrages to our nation and the destruction of our culture, then we are complicit in our destruction as a nation.

If I have been correct all these years, then this truly is the beginning of the end. Will it be the end of our dissolution as a sovereign nation?

Or, will it be the end of our appeasing the forces that want to trample every last vestige of our European inspired America . . . the America of our Founding Fathers?

Bob Grant

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