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Pay Homage to Our Veterans

November 11, 2010

I am writing this today, November 11. In case you didn’t know it, this is a national holiday called Veterans Day. Banks, schools, government offices, and the U.S. Post Office are closed.

For most of my life and the lives of many of my fellow Americans, it has been known as Armistice Day (also known as Remembrance Day).

The day was created to commemorate the signing of the armistice ending World War I.

People never thought back then there would be a World War II. After all, the first world war was called the “war to end all wars.”

People also believed that was true. As a matter of fact, for many years when America was still America, we would stand in our schoolroom and face east at exactly11 a.m.

The purpose was to commemorate the exact time the armistice was signed in Europe. As a matter of fact, it was signed at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day and the eleventh month.

The year was 1918 and that was supposed to be the end of that war and all wars.

At that time, the end came because Germany, France, England, Italy, and all the nations for that matter, were tired. They were exhausted.

I don’t like war in any case. It is the most ugly, senseless thing that mankind can possibly do, but World War I really had no logic to it.

I have read five different books devoted to the great war of 1918 and I have come to the conclusion this was the most unnecessary and pointless war ever. And that takes in a lot of territory.

In my opinion, the war was fought because the royal families of Europe had such immense egos they could not stand the thought that someone might think they lacked courage.

So, to preserve their royal self-esteem, millions of Germans, Austro-Hungarians, Frenchmen, Italians, Englishmen, Russians, and, yes, thanks to the perfidious president, Woodrow Wilson, Americans had to die.

I have said for years, long before I ever even heard of Glenn Beck, that Woodrow Wilson was perhaps the worst president we ever had!

There was no need for us to join the killing fields of France and Germany. There was no need to maim and slaughter American boys in the trenches.

There was no need to see American boys coming back from Europe with blind eyes, legs shot off, arms missing, psyches broken, and all the broken lives left bereft because Johnny didn’t always come marching home.

So here we are in 2010 on what we now call Veterans Day. And the name is befitting a day of honoring veterans.

Why not pay tribute to all those fine Americans who gave their lives from the Revolutionary War to the present and pointless war in Afghanistan?

And when we are not expending American lives, we continue to expend American treasure.

First of all, there is no American treasure anymore.

Secondly, why do we have to give aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and to the Afghans and to the Iraqis and to everyone else on the globe? Why anybody?

We were warned by the father of the American Revolution and our first president, George Washington, to avoid foreign entanglements. If only we had obeyed his admonition.

Well, enough of my angst and instead let us not forget our mistakes and learn from them.

And, above all, let us pay homage to every veteran!

Bob Grant

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