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They Are Ruining Our Holidays

August 23, 2010

On my last Sunday’s radio program on WABC, the entire two hours were taken up with a series of heated discussions and verbal fisticuffs regarding the proposed construction of the mosque or Islamic cultural center a very short distance from ground zero.

That is the place of infamy on that day of infamy, September 11, 2001. Much to my disgust, there were several callers who spoke out defiantly in support of the mosque.

It was hard to tell what their true feelings are. Were they serious about believing in the Constitution of America that they would not oppose the building of a symbol of hatred?

If their interpretation of the Constitution is their only reason for supporting the mosque, even with such pugnacious bellicosity, then I can only conclude they are only guilty of naive simplicity.

However, I detected more than just arguing about constitutional rights and religious freedom. I sensed a hatred for the United States of America!

I say this because in the course of give and take, thrust and parry of our conversations, they evinced a viciousness and hatred for any American who said, “Yes, you have a right to build a mosque, but it is insensitive to build it in that spot. They could easily have chosen many other locations.”

The governor of the state of New York made a generous offer, but they want it precisely near where the destruction of the World Trade Center was, and where they can flaunt their “victory over America and the west.”

Did anybody say Christianity? Speaking of Christianity, which I hope is alright, at least for a few more years, I noticed a new store has just opened where a women’s clothing store had been for many years.

Such is the retail clothing business that the doors sometimes have to close for good. However, the new business which opened in this particular building had a huge and colorful sign.

The sign said, “Halloween Headquarters.” This store is not opening just for a few weeks until after Halloween, but will remain open throughout the year.

I assure you I have nothing against Halloween. It is a fun holiday and I have gone to many Halloween parties in my day. But, I have come to the conclusion that Halloween is the only “safe” holiday left in America.

We certainly can’t really celebrate Christmas the way we used to. I mean, even in the non religious veneration of Santa Claus as the bearer of gifts, Christmas is not the same. At least we were not ashamed to keep Christ in Christmas.

So, first we take the Christ out of Christmas and then we stop playing Christmas carols on the radio. We forbid the manger from being displayed in public areas. And we continue to obliterate every last vestige of what Christmas really should mean.

And don’t forget that really American holiday — Thanksgiving! It used to be a celebration inspired by the Pilgrims and their thanking the almighty for his beneficence.

But we can’t really celebrate this once sacred American holiday because we should be on our knees begging the Indians for forgiveness because of our guilt in coming to this pristine land and turning it into the greatest nation there ever was . . . the hope of the civilized world!

And as for that pagan celebration called New Year’s Day, is the year the same as in the Muslim calendar? If not, then how do we know it is really a New Year?

And as for Memorial Day and Veterans Day and Flag Day, and above all, Independence Day, on July 4, shame on us for celebrating America’s birth and paying tribute to our brave military for winning those battles and preserving our freedom!

And let us not forget Columbus Day. No, I should say DO let us forget Columbus Day! Isn’t it the fault of that courageous Italian explorer that this once great undiscovered wilderness is no longer so empty and unknown?

Yes, the more I think about it, shame on those of us who thought we were born in the greatest nation there ever was. Now that we really think about it, shall we all go back to where we came from?

Oh, I forgot, I was born here and chances are, so were you!

Now what?

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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