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September 29, 2010

I see where Barack Obama, whose narcissistic ego is never really satiated, needs the campaign mode as opposed to the governing mode.

In short, he is a typical would-be dictator. I say &8220;would-be” only because, thanks to the Constitution and the majority of American citizens, he cannot exercise those authoritarian powers at present.

But, he is working on it. Even though George Santayana is quoted often by many people who don’t even know who Santayana was, and what the correct wording of his admonition is, they act as though they really understand it.

But, since so few people really study history and since so few people can select an unadulterated accurate history book, I shouldn’t be too critical of those people who mean well but are hampered by the politically correct storm troopers.

Remember rule number one! We must never appear to be presenting a chronology of events which, in order to be academically correct, are seen to depict European man as superior to any other group.

Therefore, we can be tolerant of those pseudo scholars who do not heed philosopher Santayana’s warning, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Of course, there are some variants in terms of whether we are doomed, condemned, and so forth. But, this is the message, and is there anyone who truly understands it?

Does anybody remember that 20 years ago Jesse Jackson and his black racist brethren, as well as his white cowardly stooges, shouted on the campuses of such prestigious universities as Stanford, “Hey hey ho ho Western culture’s got to go.”

They wanted to expunge history and reconstruct it in such a way it would have made Joe Stalin and Adolph Hitler proud!

And so when I see Barack, the first sultan in American history, campaigning at the University of Wisconsin, I ask myself what right does a public office holder, at great taxpayer expense, go to the campus of a taxpayer-funded institution of public learning, and make a rank, scurrilous, repulsive, abusive speech such as Obama is doing?

He is not there for the benefit of the students; he is there for the re-election of a Democrat senator and the election of a Democrat governor.

If that is’t worthy of repudiation of Obama and any candidate he campaigns for, then I don’t know what happened to save a shred of our vaunted democracy!

Bob Grant

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