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Bailing Out Haiti

January 15, 2009

I was watching one of my favorite television programs this afternoon when suddenly the CBS newsman interrupted to report that President Obama was about to make an earthshaking (no pun intended) announcement.

The announcement was that we, the United States of America, would immediately make available to the Haitians $100 million (for what I am not sure). But he did make it clear that a large hospital ship, the super aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, dozens of helicopters and many other pieces of equipment and military personnel are working on the island.

Obama continued, in his smug, pompous way to tell us once again how we the American people will make this project the most successful rehabilitation effort in history. He said absolutely nothing we didn’t know already, since he has told us most of this already. Of course, he didn’t just interrupt the network I was watching, but all of the others as well.

We should know by this time that Obama loves to be on TV playing his favorite role: president of the United States. He knows the American people are suckers and he can con the people over and over again. But I do believe his act is wearing a bit thin.

First of all, he is not a novelty anymore and if there is one thing the American people are smitten by, it is novelty. We get bored so easily when a man steps into the limelight so aptly, but painfully described by that twerp, Sen. Harry Reid, we are mesmerized to the fullest.

I must admit when I am writing or talking about the 44th president, I do not struggle to be even-handed. I have developed a contempt and disgust because of his disingenuousness and his obvious narcissism.

Isn’t it telling that when the underwear bomber was foiled from blowing up 300 people over the city of Detroit, Michigan on Christmas Day, Obama continued playing golf and doing all those other fun things in Hawaii. Meanwhile he permitted his pathetic, moronic, misinformed misnamed Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, illustrated her complete ineptness for the job by saying, “The system worked!”

That wasn’t the only gaffe committed in the name of the Obama administration, but it should have been enough to get her resignation. The president didn’t ask for her resignation because to do so would say two things: number one, he has not chosen people to serve in his administration wisely.

And secondly, Obama himself probably thought the system involved a Dutch citizen to be seated behind the terrorist, ready to jump on him and extinguish the flames before he could activate the explosive device.

Ah, but enough about how infuriating this tragicomedy known as the Obama administration is. Just let me say I hope the crooks that implant “computer viruses” and “Trojan Horse” and “worms” in our Internet leave me alone from now on.

It is good to be back!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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