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Obama: The Enemy Inside the Gate

April 21, 2010

Tomorrow, April 22, the first sultan in American history who, unfortunately happens to be the 44th president of the United States, will pretend he is “Horatio at the bridge” and bestride Wall Street like a Colossus and threaten to punish and if need be destroy the heathens of Wall Street.

Barack the vengeful will smite the infidels and divert the attention of the masses from his calamitous healthcare legislation and his failed foreign policy danse macabre.

Barack Obama has no respect and no fear of the American public. How could he have respect for a population that put him in the White House when all the signs were there that he was not prepared to be the president? He brought a mindset to the Oval Office that is inimical to all things most Americans cherish and respect.

I am forced, based on his performance, to believe that Barack Obama is the anti-president.

In the dark ages and even during the Renaissance, there were Popes and antipopes. We have an antipresident. I say this not because he is black, which some Obama supporters accuse people of who find his stewardship of the Republic to be a fatuous exercise.

I say to my adversaries on the left when they accuse me of not liking him because he is black, “What do you think of Clarence Thomas?” When they respond with their vulgar disparagements, I say, oh I thought you don’t like him because he is black!

No, we cannot have it both ways. The left in this country always seems to achieve that goal of putting the conservatives on the defensive. It is only because the right is used to being outnumbered in the media, in Hollywood, in every facet of public discourse.

But we are not outnumbered. We truly are the majority. The sooner we realize that, the better off we will be, and, more importantly, the better off America will be.

So don’t be taken in by the show that Obama will stage in Manhattan tomorrow. Remember, he is a performer and we must not forget that.

The enemy is not at the gate; the enemy as been inside the gate since January 20, 2009!

Bob Grant

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