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Abe Foxman’s Diplomacy

February 10, 2010

After reading the splendid article in Newsmax concerning the exclusive interview with Abe Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, the foremost Jewish civil rights organization, I must say Mr. Foxman is being diplomatic to a fault when he comments on President Barack Obama’s performance concerning policy toward Israel.

Even though he gives Obama a grade of “F,” he tempers that with giving him an “A” for effort. I, on the other hand, don’t see any concerted effort on the part of the president.

But, then again Mr. Foxman, being in the position he is in, knows full well it would not behoove him or the ADL to be tactless and blunt, even though it would be refreshing to me to see Mr. Foxman let the chips fall where they may . . . especially now with the Iranian deadline at hand.

That deadline has stated in effect that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is ready to announce Iran is capable of enriching uranium to the point it could produce a nuclear weapon. That, plus demonstrating rocket testing is saber rattling of the crudest kind.

Ahmadinejad enjoys testing us and taunting us because he knows the president is irresolute and weak. He also knows Obama is timorous because he does not want his left to accuse him of being Bush-like by pursuing a unilateral policy.

That is one of the major problems with the progressives in the United States — one of many reasons that the Democrats and their left-wing allies must be defeated at the polls this coming November. We cannot afford any more America is always wrong and the rest of the world is always right dangerous thinking to ruin our standing in the world.

When I say ruin our standing, I mean if we are not respected as a great power then we have no business acting like a great power. When Obama said in August of 2008, during his Berlin speech, “I am a citizen of the world,” he was being as obsequious as if he were the leader of a vanquished nation. He is comfortable in that pose; perhaps that is why he seems to be bowing to so many dignitaries.

There is not a day that I don’t have more than ample reason to decry the outcome of the presidential election of 2008. I know we cannot undo the past. However, we can forge a new beginning.

Perhaps the feckless Republican Party can be inspired by the recent election victory of Sen. Scott Brown. But, I fear, they will fall into Obama’s trap and enter into “bi-partisan” negotiation.

I will predict right now that they will blow their opportunity to win back the house if they agree to join Obama and Democrats in so-called negotiations on healthcare or anything else. It’s trading the win-win position they now hold for a lose-lose position.

Let us pray!

Bob Grant

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