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Yes, I Watch Fox News

February 22, 2010

I will gladly admit it! I am a Fox News Channel watcher.

There is nothing wrong with that! Millions of people all over the world are FNC devotees.

And as long as I am making a “confession,” I will confess I supported former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, during the Republican nomination process of 2008. I supported him because of all the candidates in the race, he seemed to have the best chance of beating Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

I also believed if policy was to be important, and it should always be of primary importance, then Gov. Huckabee represented my conservatism. He did not seem to be an ideologue.

But, as they say, I digress.

What is this guy, Grant, leading up to? I am leading up to my annoyance at the fact that Fox News is obviously playing a political game which puts them first, and the education of the American voter second.

Here is what I mean. It is my suspicion that ever since last fall when Rahm Emanuel and that other scoundrel, Robert Gibbs, said Fox News was not a legitimate news outlet, Fox has been trying to prove those Obama stooges were wrong.

Of course, they were wrong. Fox News is a better news outlet than any of the left-wing propagandists representing any other network and certainly the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the rest of those lemmings who follow whatever any Democrat has to say.

So, make no mistake: Fox News need not prove anything. And yet it is obvious that the nefarious Roger Ailes is being his old, clever self by getting the first lady, Michelle Obama, to do an interview with Mike Huckabee.

Not only did the former governor do the interview, he made sure to be as respectful as possible and I thought at any moment he might bound from his chair and kiss her . . . feet. Fox made sure the likeable host appeared with unabashed Republican, Sean Hannity.

During the interview with Sean, which was meant to plug the first lady’s Fox News appearance, Mr. Huckabee stressed how charming, delightful and candid Mrs. Obama was.

Now I have been in this business long enough and have seen what goes on behind the scenes often enough to know what is going on at Fox.

I can tell you this. If they have to play the phony game to survive, then I will go along with the pretense and know there is at least a vestige of truth in broadcasting and that Fox represents that truth better than the rest.

I have great affection for my acolyte, Sean Hannity, for many reasons. I need not go into those reasons here. However, he is unlike Glenn Beck, who constantly reminds the audience that he is an INDEPENDENT, or Bill O'Reilly, who constantly reminds his audience that he is the paragon of fairness and the creator of the concept of fairness and balance, and is so independent it is mind boggling.

Sean is proud to announce himself as a Republican. If all those ciphers on all those “mainstream” outlets can declare themselves Democrats, then why can’t others declare themselves registered Republicans?

To those of you who read this blog I can only say it is not your fault if you are taken in by the “act” put on by my many epigones.

I remember my inspiration, the man who changed my career many years ago. His name was Joe Pyne and he was the best! He told me once, "Bob, I find on issues that I agree with the Republicans much more than the Democrats, but I tell the audience I am an independent because I know there are more registered Democrats in Los Angeles than Republicans.

But Joe did not put on an act. He was the most legitimate talk show host there ever was.

So, let me get back to where this commentary started. Let me remind you Fox wants to survive so it is playing the game. I understand.

Just don’t be too disappointed as they demonstrate more chicanery. Don’t begrudge O'Reilly and Beck as they count their hundreds of millions. Better them than nothing.

Was this commentary fair and balanced?

Bob Grant

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