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July 13, 2010

Dear Reader to,

The other day I asked for your reaction to what we do on this web site.

Thanks to the people behind the scenes, I have learned that more of you are checking in to this web site than I had hoped.

So, thanks to you, I am going to double my efforts to continue the BobGrantOnline web site.

Do respond as often as you like. After so many years taking phone calls on the radio, I am used to hearing from listeners, and, in this case, loyal readers.

The following is one of the finest tributes I have ever received. I thank the writer from the bottom of my heart.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

Bob, you are such a deep and complicated and wise, wise man, and that is what I loved about you back then and that is why I related to you in an ineffable way from the first time I heard them play those promos in August of 1970.

I just suddenly and unexpectedly felt somehow that this cranky and sardonic new radio man had, for want of a better word, tons of soul.

And you know it’s true about yourself. There has always been about you, even at the very beginning, a tristesse in your thinking and speaking —a doleful quality of what the mystics call an “old soul.”

It was and is in everything you do and say. I remember meeting you for the first time, the wisdom and knowingness in your eyes, and I recall thinking that you seemed to comprehend that which was not spoken.

Again, I cannot easily describe the quality in you that I mean, but I hope you get the idea. In everything about you . . . the voice, the glint in your eyes that conveyed your appreciation of the pathetic nature of humanity and all of existence —it all spoke to me of a man who had been here before.

I know I can wax on about your virtues, and I beg you to believe I am in earnest about them as I write. And I’ll say what I’ve said before, you are the only person I ever heard in this one-time “profession” who, from day one, I felt was way underemployed in talk radio, rather than being mind numbingly over-employed, as is painfully obvious about any of the rest of them.

In fact, I always was puzzled as to why, in recognition of your ability, you wanted to do talk radio. And anybody who has a functioning brain knows this.

Just the simple insight you conveyed in your e-mail that elicited this answer . . . and that is that for all the facile and pretentious insight into the limitations of e-mail, and how it supposedly impedes real human interaction.

Only you, just now, were able to teach me that it is, with great irony, the exact opposite!

I’m not ashamed to confess to you that nobody I know, myself included, would have the penetrating insight to make that observation!

And your singular ability to pull that kind of simple and touching and unique reflection out of your hat, is why I respect and admire your magic.

As you know, I’ve always thought that you were psychic.

And, if any of the above is not sufficient reason for my “puerile tush kissing,” then there is always the far more important fact that you are hands down the “world’s funniest man!”


That slams the lid onthings for today

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