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Our Failure to Challenge the Democrats

May 24, 2010

It wasn’t too long ago that I believed whether a politician was a Republican or a Democrat, he considered himself first and most importantly an American.

But, like so many other things about America which I believed, it is no longer true.

If you have any question as to which party is guilty of putting petty politics above patriotism, it is undoubtedly the Democrat Party.

I have seen evidence of this on the part of many individual Democrats who would rather excoriate former president George W. Bush. They continue along this path even if it makes enemy terrorists glad and gives aid and comfort to them by virtue of demonstrating that politics does not end at the water’s edge, as we once liked to believe.

The Democrats have shown themselves to be utterly feckless and with the exception of a few like former Democrat Joe Lieberman, now an independent, they have proven to be afraid to acknowledge America’s exceptionalism.

Have you noticed some of the pathetic things Barack Obama has said before and since he has become president? Can you believe he said, for example, “Unfortunately, America is the world’s only superpower?”

What nonsense. Is that why he is not putting North Korea in its place? Is that why he is truly afraid to stop giving Iran chance after chance?

I could go on and on, but I don’t think it is necessary. All we have to do is watch a television clip of Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon when he recently addressed Congress and ridiculed Arizona’s attempt to do something about the invasion of Mexican illegals in that state alone.

Calderon has the nerve to criticize the sovereign state of the United States of America, but that is understandable since he is the president of a foreign country whose people are relieving his problems by invading American soil.

But what sickens me and should sicken you is that the Democrat members of Congress stood and applauded his denunciation of Arizona’s justifiable and lawful policy. Yes, they gave Calderon a standing ovation!

These Democrats have every right to their opinion, but they don’t have the right to make fools of themselves and give aid and comfort to a transgressor nation.

Every Democrat who did that should be defeated at the polls this coming November. But that is too much to expect of the equally imbecilic Democrat voter.

Therefore, when the epitaph of America is written, will somebody please remember to write, “America has gone down because they put their party before their country.”

And to my fellow Republicans I say, if you do not challenge the Democrats on this, you too have failed your country!

Bob Grant

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