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Don’t Confuse Them With the Facts!

November 19, 2010

This morning I chanced upon a man and his wife who must live somewhere in my neighborhood. I assume this to be true, because I encounter them in some of the restaurants and some of the shops I frequent.

This morning it was in one of the finer shops which specializes in a wide variety of fresh fruit. We were gazing up the attractive display of pears, apples and all those other edibles that are both tasty and increasingly expensive.

The gentleman said, “These prices just keep going up and up.” The man’s wife responded, “Our government just doesn’t seem to care.”

I said that our people are getting a good dose of Obamacare and, at that point, I was cut off by both of them.

They seemed annoyed that I mentioned Obamacare. And before I could say another word, they both started calling the president names.

Before I knew it they were not talking about Barack Obama, but they were talking about former president, George W. Bush.

I said, “Wait a minute, what does Bush have to do with anything?” They both said it was all his fault.

Suddenly, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I realized that two people who seemed intelligent and well informed were both political morons who voted for Obama and think he ran against Bush.

I guess they never heard of John McCain.

The reason this scene disturbed me so much is that it bore out my worst fears — the American electorate, in spite of the positive outcome of the congressional election held on November 2, is stupid and easily fooled by the mainstream media.

But, if that wasn’t enough, I must report an incident in my doctor’s office earlier in the morning.

I accompanied Josephine to her doctor to have a checkup. The nurse who took her blood did not like a comment Josephine made about Obama and Obamacare.

She said she voted for Obama. When Jo asked her why she voted for him she said, “Because Bush was no good.”

Then she went on to say all of our problems with the economy were his fault. It did no good to remind her that Obama has been president since the beginning of 2009.

All this ignorant, overweight dope could say was that Bush had gotten us into war with Iraq.

It would do no good to try to educate her any further than to try to educate the ignoramuses in the fruit and vegetable store.

It would be pointless to remind them of why we all felt Saddam Hussein had to be taken down and it be pointless to remind them that John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and most Democrats voted the authorization to invade Iraq.

You see, once again I have met the enemy and he is us!

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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