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September 25, 2010

Dear Readers,

Here is a letter I received from a gentleman in Oxford, North Carolina. I was lamenting to him my concern over my own sloth and disappointment at so many things.

This is his personal advice to me which I thought was so worthy I wanted to share it with you.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

Bob, it’s OK to wean yourself off of some things but it doesn’t mean you have to retire to nothing either.

You have the same affliction many people have, you care about the world.

You can’t stand to see things going wrong in your eyes. Change will come no matter what job or standing you had in your life, even a plumber has to deal with time moving on.

I think you may already be doing the best thing you could possibly do without even realizing it. You are doing a program once a week which keeps your mind occupied and it’s enough at this stage in your career.

You can still make a contribution to the country as any other citizen who reaches maturity in age and views the world from his armchair.

You have been successful and you have the credentials, regardless of what you may believe now, because you find yourself in a new situation like others of us who have retired.

We have time on our hands and we feel that life has passed us by. In many ways, certain activities have passed us by and that is not altogether a bad thing either.

This is why it is more important now, for your own personal reasons, to tell the world what your life has been by writing that all-important book.

Take the time each and every day to add to that history of Bob Grant. You are in a new phase of your life and career.

You have the best of both worlds and can do something you love once a week, without the downside of having to work like a mule everyday as we did in our youth.

I compare this to eating steak once a week, while you have escarole and beans on other days. (I mention that because last night we had it for dinner.)

I expect to hear more about the progress you are making with your book and the interest you retain in the news etc. Just don’t take it so seriously to the point you cannot see the forest for the trees.

Ciao for now . . . got to take my walk.

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