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July 14, 2010

Only a short while ago, I decided that there were many pressing issues facing we Americans, and many political dilemmas which need to be discussed.

It was then that I decided to write, not as a “pundit” or commentator or editorialist, but rather I would &8220;talk” to readers as one citizen to another.

I know I have been told time and time again to remember that I am someone the people look up to and therefore should never forget that I am the celebrity and you are the audience.

The suggestion implied that those of us who are on television or radio, or who write books and columns, should keep in mind we have the knowledge and expertise and you are essentially dolts and followers who will ask for our autographs and buy whatever we tell you to buy.

In another words, you are “the groundlings” as Shakespeare would have it, and we are royalty. No so! Therefore, when I write this column I am writing as if it were a personal letter from friend to friend (and I feel it is).

My beloved Josephine, as always, said, “Robert, if you had a higher opinion of yourself, you would be on all those radio stations all across the country. You would be on the Fox News Channel.”

She is right, of course. However, we are what we are.

We all know what ego is, don’t we? There are giant size egos in my business. I could name some of these giant egos out there.

That doesn’t mean the people who have them are doing anything wrong. As a matter of fact, apparently they are doing everything right.

Unfortunately I was brought up in a family where the word “shame” was the yardstick by which I was judged. If there was any hint of bragging that was SHAMEFUL!

Even though one could not be successful if he didn’t have supreme confidence, we couldn’t appear to be bragadocious.

Can you imagine being in a room with all these guys? I don’t think it is necessary to mention names for two reasons.

Reason number one is, with the exception of one person, they are basically nice guys. Reason number two is I am guilty of being bitter over the professional lynching I have suffered.

Don’t think it doesn’t hurt to know that a conspiracy of liberal vermin destroyed my chances for ever getting any further in this field. Those of you who read this BobGrantOnline column don’t need me to tell you what has happened.

If I ever summon enough energy, I will tell the whole story and maybe no one else will feel better, but you and I may feel better.

And that is why I am writing this today. I want you to know how much your loyalty and encouragement mean to me, and I thank you for that.

And to those of you begging me to write that “tell all” book, I would if I could find a true professional writer who would partner with me in putting out a bestseller.

The reason it is virtually impossible to find the right person is because a professional wants to be paid in advance and doesn’t want to “roll the dice.”

People who really believe in me and the project would have no trouble rolling the dice. And the people who are very eager to do it are not qualified and it would be a waste of their time as well as my time.

Well, enough for today. Once again, thank you for being there. It means a lot to me.

Bob Grant

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