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Dismantling Our Nation

August 17, 2010

The contention over the building of a mosque and Islamic “cultural center” grows exponentially day by day.

Even my favorite governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, has weighed in. He said he did not like to see the building of the mosque on the ground where the Islamic maniacs attacked the World Trade Center become a political football.

He criticized both Republicans and Democrats alike, naming both parties as being guilty. He said he didn’t want to inject himself into the political debate. However, by saying what he said, he has injected himself.

Whether he intended to or not, Chris Christie has proved he is capable of using an old ploy. That is, when a politician is campaigning against someone who has an embarrassing blemish is his past, he says, “Now I am not going to mention my opponent’s tawdry divorce in this campaign.”

So, as much as I like Chris Christie and supported him for governor, I must congratulate him for the ploy. But, that is nothing compared to the dishonesty and duplicity of the president himself.

It should come as no surprise to any of you that I supported John McCain, not so much because I was enamored of the Arizona Senator, but because I feared an Obama presidency.

I feared an Obama election for many reasons, none of which was his complexion. And, sad to say, Barack Obama has been in process of destroying this once great Republic since the day he took office.

He said he was going to change the United States fundamentally as it has never been changed before. Most ignorant voters thought that it was just campaign rhetoric, or they had been so brainwashed against President George W. Bush that they wanted any change!

Well now, they have the fundamental change they were promised, and basically and tragically we are on our way to being a socialist nation.

The great Republic given to us by our Founding Fathers is being destroyed day by day and if the Republicans don’t recapture the Congress this fall, it will spell the final defeat.

Ultimately it will mean the Obama wrecking crew can continue unabated to dismantle this once great nation!

Bob Grant

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