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My Election Disappointment

November 4, 2010

The rain and the heavy cloud layer is making today somber and gloomy.

It is easy for me to become somber. It is also easy for me to become euphoric.

Is it my Italian blood? Is it the nature of people who perform for a living?

What difference does it make what the cause of our emotional swings may be? The only thing we can do is be aware of mood swings and when we find we are soaring too high, we should try to rein it in.

When we are headed downward, we should remind ourselves what Abraham Lincoln said: “People can be as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Why am I waxing pseudo philosophical? Probably the answer is I am disappointed the Republicans did not take over the Senate.

I suspect my disappointment is because the people of Connecticut have such a moronic political sense that they elected a confessed liar to the United States Senate.

Some cynics might say, “What’s so unusual about that?”

What is unusual is that a man who has been the attorney general there for so many years would go around the state telling what he knew was an egregious lie.

Can you imagine daring to tell people you saw service in the Vietnam War when you didn’t?

It sickens me just to write about it.

Don’t people have any self respect? Those of you in the Nutmeg State who may have voted for this sleazebag, how can you justify your actions?

If you do have any self respect, how can you reconcile your vote? I would like to know.

All I know is I cannot stand to look at this dishonest wraith who did not have to wear a skeleton costume on Halloween.

I am sick and tired of the immaturity and stupidity of the American voter. I know people who didn’t care what that dirtbag did since their only concern is that he is a Democrat.

That is why we are in the mess we are in.

In New York, the people are no better. Shame on GOP Chairman Ed Cox and the Republicans allowing this thug, Carl Paladino, to masquerade as a gubernatorial candidate.

The Republicans had some great candidates who were defeated because that thug dragged the whole ticket down with him.

Why has the New York GOP given up?

First of all, it was totally subservient to Nelson Rockefeller and then it became subservient to the Mike Long Conservative Party.

What’s next? Do they announce they really are all Democrats?

They might as well.

Shame on us all for what has occurred during this all-important midterm election.

Bob Grant

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