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We Must Rise Above Our Disappointment

September 15, 2010

Anyone who says, “I hate to say I told you so, but . . .”

I think a person who says that is a fake, phony, a fraud.

They don’t hate to say it.They kvell when they say it. But they want to sound magnanimous, gracious and even modest.

I am not trying to earn your approbation, therefore I dispense with the phony, “I hate to say it, but . . .”

I told you in the preceding column that the tea party gang was the only thing going for the Democrats.

If I were a Democrat I would do everything I could to encourage them and even support them.

When they knock off a sure Republican winner like former two-term governor, Mike Castle, who is a sitting 9-term congressman, they gave Democrats a victory to retain the Senate seat vacated by that master clown, Joe Biden.

There are other races which will prove to provide further damage to a Republican party that was on the brink of a huge congressional victory come November.

There is nothing I can do about it.

I know the mentality of tea party people.They are not interested in saving the Republic from the ravages of Barack Obama and his Democrat thugs.

They are like school children playing a game. All they know is it is fun to sound so powerful and wise.

They are not wise, but right now they are powerful enough to have knocked off real candidates as long as they are sabotaging Republicans in this all-important primary.

But amateurs like Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell will not prevail even against a walking joke like Harry Reid.

So, I am already accepting what will happen in six weeks. I will try to soothe myself by thinking something I was told to do a long time ago when being overwhelmed by bad news and disapponting events and the like.

William Jordan Wolf used to say, “Look upon everything as a blessing in disguise because no matter what else there are certain things, as a matter of fact most things are beyond our control.

So we have a choice:either accept those events or be miserable.If being miserable really helps, then be miserable.

But I would prefer not to be miserable, so focus my attention on what I can do.”

So no matter what does occur to any of us in life, we have at least one choice — how we react to it.

Does this bad news mean that I must wallow in disappointment? Or does it mean I can choose to rise above it?

The choice is yours, isn’t it?

Bob Grant

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