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Obama Is Destroying Us!

August 24, 2010

I must admit that I, along with many of my fellow white citizens, was careful back in 2008 to not give a false impression that I opposed Barack Obama’s election because of his race

At that time, I was on WABC five days a week and it was during one of the most political years any of us can recall.

Of course, when you are Bob Grant and you are on a big radio station in the largest radio market in the nation, you are going to be under a very heavy duty microscope.

I knew those liberal enemies of mine would love nothing more than to have a “let’s get Grant off the air” redux.

It really was no effort at all for me to avoid any possibility of seeming to be racist in my assessment of candidate Barack Obama. As a matter of fact, I was impressed with what seemed to be a refreshing change from the fiery, naked white-hating Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the other firebrands who could only shout about racism and how unfair the American experience has been to them.

Yes, I was impressed with Barack Obama’s demeanor, style and coolness.

Then, I saw the video of Obama’s pastor — Jeremiah Wright! I heard his voice dripping with hate.

How can any of us forget these sentences? “God Bless America? No, I say God Damn America!” And that was just part of the venomous harangue that went on and on and on.

Barack Obama sat in that church many times over those 20 years. He and the lovely Michelle, who discovered she was becoming proud of America, had Rev. Wright baptize their two daughters.

Obama and Wright were more than just casual acquaintances. Barack was an avid student of Jeremiah Wright and when the reverend’s hatred for America became a much seen expose of what went on in that den of anti-white fulminating, it looked like the Obama candidacy was in deep trouble.

But, two things saved the Obama campaign at that crucial moment. First of all, Obama himself read the teleprompter better than ever, and his performance was seen by everyone.

The New York Daily News quoted me as saying, “Senator Obama saved his candidacy and will probably become our 44th president as a result.”

The second thing that saved Obama was exposure of the lie that Hillary Clinton told at about the same time. That was the story she made up when she told a New Hampshire audience that when deplaning in Bosnia, she was warned to duck low because snipers were firing.

It was pathetic ploy for attention at best and it took the attention away from the outrage committed by Barack Obama’s pastor as people became preoccupied with Hillary Clinton’s stupid fabrication.

So, getting back to the point of today’s message, let me say I no longer feel any hesitation in saying what has become a tragic fact.

That fact is that Barack Obama is destroying this country in every conceivable way.

He is destroying it economically, militarily and morally.

Maybe that was his intent all along.

God save America!

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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