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Border Patrol Incident Looms

June 14, 2010

I have heard several reports today which said, “The president will be making his fourth trip to the Gulf today.”

This report was followed by a reporter informing viewers that the president played another round of golf on Sunday. Obama has spent more time on the golf course than he has spent total viewing the Gulf oil spill!

I thought how interesting that the change of one vowel and what do you have? Of course, you have golf becomes gulf or gulf becomes golf!

I do not believe I am being funny. There is nothing humorous about this horrific disaster that has rendered the mighty giant, America, wounded, injured and disfigured, but not mortally wounded . . . yet.

However, spiritually we have been so wounded by our giving in to the reckless direction the Obama administration has taken us, that we no longer think of the survival of the Republic as our first priority.

Rather, our first priority has become satisfying the lunacy of the far left in the country.

It is the loony left that wants to investigate and bring to trial a border guard just because he did his job in protecting America’s border with a foreign country.

Perhaps you may know the story of a fifteen-year-old Mexican thug — an outlaw who had a record of sneaking illegal aliens across the border and who, on several occasions, had been sought for trying to injure, and if need be, kill American security forces.

He was in the process of doing that dastardly deed when a border patrol guard was fortunate enough to fire a shot that dispatched this enemy of the United States. It was a rare win for “our” side.

But Eric Holder (the friend of terrorists and jihadists) who, believe it or not, is supposed to be working for the benefit of the American people, obviously wants to help his boss, the president of the United States, to destroy America as we have known it.

I know that sounds harsh. But, thanks to Barack Obama these are harsh times.

My only hope is that there are enough Americans who know what is going on and who understand a Manchurian president sits in the White House.

There are those pundits who have better resources than I, who could present a whole litany of facts which cause us to doubt the loyalty of this president to the Constitution he took an oath to defend.

Let us hope and pray that come November the American voter will take at least one of the houses of Congress away from Sultan Obama, and return it to the American people in whose hands it rightfully belongs.

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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