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The Newsmax Cruise

April 6, 2010

Last week, I flew to Fort Lauderdale-Port Everglades and boarded the Holland America Cruise ship, Westerdam, for a seven-night cruise to exotic ports including Turks & Caicos Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico; St. Maarten NA; and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

Although I enjoyed cruising in the past, this sailing was not for pleasure (although we did enjoy ourselves). It was for education — the exchange of ideas and opinions amongst such savants as Dick Morris and Chris Ruddy.

I was asked only to participate on the Friday afternoon seminar. I sat in the very middle of the panel right next to Mr. Morris, on my right, and Wall Street Journal writer, John Fund, on my left.

The “moderator” was a fellow I wasn’t familiar with, but he did introduce himself a few days prior to our panel by imitating me. And he really didn’t do a very good job of it!

I have had people like Jay Diamond do such a great imitation of me he sounded more like me than I do! Nevertheless, this fellow didn’t seem to like me. I could feel his animosity from the moment we met.

Have you ever noticed that in life we do get “vibes” from people, sometimes the vibes are good and sometimes they are negative? There are those many other times when we get neither good nor bad vibes.

This fellow skipped right over me when it was my turn to say a few introductory words, right after Dick Morris. I must tell you that Dick didn’t like what was happening to me and spoke out. He was most flattering and respectful in his remarks about me.

I had no idea he knew as much about me and my influence on the radio as he does. I shall never forget what a gentleman he is. After all, in terms of the American media as it affects politics, you can’t get much more influential or more watched on television than he is.

As important as the incident with Dick Morris was, the more important issue was not and is not me. The important issue as I see it is that thanks to NEWSMAX, and that, of course, means Chris Ruddy, 300 interested American citizens had a chance to meet and to hear some of the opinion makers who are so important to us.

They are important to us because without the likes of Dick Morris or Chris Ruddy, the American voting public would be fed only a diet of left-wing, pro-Obama propaganda.

I do, however, see ominous signs that the Obama administration is fast on its way to squelching free speech, and since the so-called mainstream media is so corrupt, the American people are not really aware of what is going on.

As a person who has been hailed as the “father of modern talk radio,” and “the guy who made it possible to be a conservative on the air,” I can only say you must do your part in urging your friends, your neighbors and family members to make sure the Republicans take back, at least, the House of Representatives this fall.

It would be much better if we could retake the Senate as well, but, at all costs, we must stop the Barack Obama juggernaut!

Bob Grant

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