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December 15, 2010

I received an e-mail from a lady who said she has listened to the Bob Grant Show for as long as she can remember.

She said many cogent and insightful things. But, what struck me the most was the following sentence which I quote directly from her message, “Bob, this just isn’t my country anymore!”

What got her most of all as she wrote about the many insanities we permit and even encourage in America today, is this: TSA agents at all airports are to receive training from a Muslim organization instructing them how to do a pat-down on Muslim passengers.

Apparently, Muslim men and women are not the same anthropomorphic beings the rest of us are. Are Muslims so different from us that they require a special hands-on examination for explosives?

How is it that Hassidic Jews, in spite of their strict kosher rules, have not had this problem?

The answer is simple, but with most simple answers, the risk of offending someone always lurks. The simple answer is this: You are in the United States of America. We are not a Moslem nation. We do not abide by Shariah law.

If you don’t want to submit to our laws, then perhaps you should go back to the country from which you came!

Wouldn’t that be terrible if we had the fortitude and common sense to do that?

But, something has happened to us since the Vietnam War. What happened to us was a disease called the 1960s.

I don’t want to oversimplify it, but that essentially is what happened. We began to wallow in a senseless guilt.

Part of that guilt was taught by the phalanx of left-wing, anti-American teachers and administrators who captured academia.

Part of the guilt that has crippled us and stolen our will has been inculcated by the left-wing media, which, until talk radio and Fox News Channel, was the only media available to the unsuspecting American.

Take it from me. I have been there and I remember all too well what my early years in broadcasting were like. I can remember working in the CBS newsroom and talking to my fellow broadcasters and writers.

I must confess, back in those days I wondered if maybe there was something wrong with me because I didn’t follow the party line.

By the time I left Chicago and went directly to CBS in Los Angeles, I was feeling not so alone. I began noticing there were a few other good solid conservative-minded people besides myself.

And, by the time I began doing the Bob Grant telephone talk program on KABC in Los Angeles, I recognized a stirring of people on the right.

It was 1964 and time for Barry Goldwater to be nominated for president by the Republicans in San Francisco, of all places.

And, it was also the time a Hollywood motion picture actor from my home state of Illinois was preparing to run for governor of California. His name was Ronald Reagan and I had the honor of giving him his first interview as a would-be candidate on December 14, 1965.

It was time for Americans who were not ashamed to be Americans to stand up and be counted! And it was time for a new rendezvous with destiny.

Bob Grant

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