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Christmas Before Political Correctness

December 3, 2010

It is the season and I am old enough to remember when this Christmas season was just that: the Christmas season.

Now it is that time when everybody who is Christian, even the slackers who don’t go to church and haven’t gone to confession for ages, attend.

They have not been to confession since Father Beamsterboard scolded me viciously because I said, “Forgive me, Father for all my sins,”, cutting me off abruptly and saying something to the effect that “if the lord should snuff out your life you will surely go to hell because you are not in a state of sanctifying grace!”

Even though I was only 16-years-old and thought, “Gee, I keep hearing that God is a loving God - that God loves me.” But, what Father Beamsterboard said doesn’t sound like God loves me.

So, I never went to confession again. If the day comes, and, of course, it is coming for all of us — when that day arrives God is going to judge me and I am sure he will be nicer than Father Beamsterboard.

I did attend the St. Francis of Rome School for part of my elementary school education. Those were in the days when nuns were very strict and priests were unpredictable.

Oddly enough, I liked St. Francis of Rome School and I sang in the choir. It seemed as though a week did not go by that those of us in the choir were not summoned from our classroom to go to the choir loft to sing a Requiem High Mass.

I can hear it now: Kyrie, Kyrie, Kyrie Eleison . . . (This is my attempt at writing Latin for your edification.)

In those days, there was no question that Christmas was coming. We didn’t see billboards put up by atheists telling us the birth of Jesus is a myth and the whole Christmas story is pure fiction.

What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to ask the atheists to forgive us for believing this hoax and we won’t sing another Christmas carol as long as we live?

One of the most sensible bits of advice I ever took, until this final chapter in my long life, is “Live and let live.”

If a group of self-hating bitter, worthless, jealous louts wants to be atheists, well, that is perfectly alright with me. I really don’t care what anybody else believes or what he or she doesn’t believe.

But, for heaven’s sake, can”t they let the rest of us enjoy the season with all its beauty and color and the message of peace on earth to all? Ah, no.

It is getting so bad people are afraid to say Merry Christmas. I have no problem wishing someone a Happy Hanukkah.

Why should I refrain from saying Merry Christmas? Why all this nonsense about taking down the sign in downtown Philadelphia and not calling it Christmas Village and instead calling it Holiday Village?

Well, after two days of that lunacy the mayor of Philadelphia had the good sense to restore the name to Christmas Village.

I call upon everyone, whether they are devout believers or pagans like myself, to enjoy the season and never apologize for being what they are.

Oh, calling myself a pagan is said in jest, so don’t go away mad. I will have more, much more to say about the state of affairs on the good ship America in the days ahead.

Right now I want to go practice with the choir — if they had one in the studio.

I feel silly. I do hope you will forgive my flight to lunacy.

It is very temporary . . . at least I hope it is!

Bob Grant

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