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New York Senate Hopefuls

February 11, 2010

I just glanced at a photo on one of the pages of my New York newspaper and noticed a familiar face: former Tennessee Cong. Harold Ford, Jr.

He was arm and arm and cheek to cheek with a very attractive blonde. The reason for the publicity photo is that Mr. Ford is very interested in becoming New York state’s latest luminary in the carpetbagger pantheon.

Robert Kennedy, who was assassinated in l968 by a Palestinian maniac, Sirhan Sirhan, was our first big name carpetbagger, followed by Madame Hillary Clinton, the world famed Dragon Lady.

But now Harold Ford acts as though he has got it made for the Senate seat formerly occupied by the former first lady and occupied by an empty dress by the name of Kirsten Gillibrand Ҽ she of curious and dubious lineage, having some sort of relationship with Alfonse D’Amato who recommended her to Gov. David Paterson.

Yes, the same governor who succeeded the prurient Eliot Spitzer, better known as “customer number 9” in a prostitute’s little black book.

Everybody is dumping on the besieged, legally blind New York chief executive. And, being a Republican, I hope he is able to be his party’s nominee. Polls say the GOP’s pick, Rick Lazio, could beat Mr. Paterson. The same polls say Andrew Cuomo would beat Mr. Lazio.

We shall see, of course, if we can all survive the shenanigans known as politics in Albany. Getting back to former Cong. Harold Ford . . . did I mention he is considered an African-American and his wife is definitely white, or, if you prefer, Caucasian?

Now in the politically correct world we exist in we are not supposed to notice the color of a person’s skin, let alone mention the composition of the skin tone differential of a husband and wife.

When Sammy Davis Jr. married a beautiful Swedish actress in the 1950s it was shocking to most people even though many tried to act very casual about that. Sammy was a delightful person, loaded with talent and had a certain charisma that was obvious.

But, even though Sammy Davis was loved and admired by most whites there was, nevertheless, resentment and even jealousy directed his way. But, now it is absolutely epidemic. Tiger Woods and his blonde wife, Elin, is somewhat commonplace.

I remember one of my first telephone talk radio shows which I inaugurated on KABC in Los Angeles during Christmas week broadcast. I was not getting many phone calls. I always liked to see the switchboard light up. So, I happened to notice a quote from that day’s paper, “The racial problems in America will be solved by the black man and the white woman!”

I made reference to that quote and the switchboard lit up like the poverbial Christmas tree! Nuff said!

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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