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Can’t Wait for Nov. 3!

October 28, 2010

I will admit it. Although I am a political junkie I can’t wait until I wake up on Wednesday, November 3.

In another words, I cannot wait until the incessant barrage of fake, phony, fraudulent political commercials are over.

Why is it that so many candidates are perfect, saintly, altruistic human beings and their opponents are sleazy, corrupt, nefarious wretches?

Isn’t that amazing? I think the commercial that may annoy me the most is the commercial for Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

First of all, she did not get elected to the Senate seat she occupies. That Senate seat was vacated by Hillary Clinton when she became Secretary of State.

Gillibrand was an upstate congresswoman with supposedly conservative leanings. Her father is a law partner of Republican ex Senator Al D’Amato.

Al apparently convinced Governor David Paterson to appoint her to the open Senate seat. After she was sworn in, she suddenly emerged as someone slightly left of Senator Upchuck Schumer.

She is seen incessantly in the most insipid campaign vacuous baloney.

She probably will win the election because the Democrats own New York and the Republicans have become feckless and leaderless.

They are more concerned with a few patronage jobs that they may get, which, by the way, seem to go more to the Conservative Party hacks.

The creation of the Conservative Party in New York in 1962 was the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as a major player in the Empire State.

Since the creation of the Conservative Party was the answer to Nelson Rockefeller’s brand of liberal Republican Party, it is hard to tell who the Republicans in the state really are.

It is a tragedy to see the Grand Old Party resembling a rotting corpse that no one has the courage to bury.

But, maybe another Ronald Reagan will come along and restore my party to its rightful place.

Meanwhile, we will have to swallow hard and hold our noses as the vicious Democrats continue to make a mockery of what passes for democracy.

Bob Grant

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