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A Stunning Senate Victory for Scott Brown

January 22, 2009

Everyone is talking about the startling victory achieved by Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial race. Even though the polls indicated Brown was ahead in every tally, even though he was picking up steam and his opponent was fading, most folks just could not believe a Republican could win a U.S. Senate seat in the Bay State.

But there it is . . . Brown received over 52 percent of the vote and Martha Coakley 47 percent. What is the reason for this stunning upset? There are many different theories out there, but I believe several reasons can be given for this monumental political explosion.

First and foremost is the fact that even in a liberal bastion like Massachusetts the people are not quite ready for full-blown socialism. They know that the America of their fathers and grandfathers did not become what it has been without having the freedom to create and grow as far as their talent and hard work would take them.

They did not want to be shackled by an all powerful massive government bureaucracy. But, I think the pivotal moment in the campaign came when Martha Coakley and other Democrats referred to the office both were attempting to win as “Kennedy’s seat.”

But Scott Brown set them straight by saying, “It is not Kennedy’s seat. It is the people’s seat.”

That was, in my opinion, the emotional moment that insured the Republican victory.

Oh sure, there is a great deal of bitterness at the way Barack Obama has shown utter contempt for the American people by virtue of his trying to ram the massive, cumbersome healthcare bill through Congress and by his bribing Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska to vote for it in such a tawdry manor.

Nelson, caught with his hand in the cookie jar, had to put the cookies back and is thankful he doesn’t face re-election until 2012. He figures by that time the cornhuskers will have forgotten.

I hope he’s wrong.

After all, this isn’t New Jersey we are talking about. Whatever the reason, or reasons, the fact is Massachusetts has its first Republican senator in some four decades.

And from the looks of things out there, Brown may be joined by a few more Republicans this November.

It is my fervent belief that if the GOP can capture either branch of Congress this fall, taking down Mr. Obama and making him a one-term nightmare, there is a good chance the Republic we know and love will be saved!

Bob Grant

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