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March 22, 2010

Last week and the week before, I was away from because I could not perform due to a severe shoulder injury.

This coming week, I shall be away from the keyboard once again since I will be on a cruise ship — not just to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea, but to participate in a series of seminars aboard ship.

Many people demonstrated their interest in the greatest magazine in America today, Newsmax, to attend this cruise. They also are showing their concern over what is happening to this once great Republic.

By the time you read this, I am afraid the feckless Democrats will have voted to give our 44th president and first sultan his gift.

Truth be told, we shouldn’t be surprised that Barack Obama has turned out to be what he is . . . a socialist who does not really like white America. Oops, I said it!

Do I blame him? After all, listening to that fanatic pastor of his for almost 20 years, you and I might develop a hatred for white America too.

It is too bad that when we saw Pastor Wright in those television clips screaming, “God Bless America? I say God Damn America.”

No, of course, he didn’t mean the millions of black Americans. He meant white Americans.

It is a tragedy that although there are many clear thinking Americans who know what I’m saying is true, we must all pretend the thought never even occurred to us.

I am not blaming African-Americans for the hatred Barack Obama must have for white America. I am, however, blaming Jeremiah Wright for instilling in his parishioner the hatred that he obviously has for America and therefore, through the reckless healthcare bill and other socialist schemes, is truly destroying America as we have know it.

Some day, I will buckle down and write that book I am always threatening to write. I only wish I had the “ghost writers” that my many epigones have.

I know they won’t want to interview me because I will say things they won’t like. I will be in a real true Catch-22.

On the one hand, people will be more inclined to buy the book as they know there is some juicy stuff in it. And, on the other hand, how can I get the exposure I would need to make it a bestseller?

I’d like to be Michael Savage and have a network program where I can plug my book from beginning to end and do it every time I go on the air.

Well, maybe one day, thanks to you folks who read this column, maybe I will be in such a position.

In all honesty, you are all missing out. Somebody’s got to say these things . . . it has to be me!

Bob Grant

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