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Biden Provides Comic Relief

July 26, 2010

Joe Biden really should have his own television show on one of the many networks in the tank for Obama.

Whether it is CBS or NBC or CNN, it makes no difference. For that matter, we could also include ABC.

It really doesn’t make that much of a difference which network he is on as long as he is the program host, the program would garner huge ratings.

And no matter how many gaffes he makes, the liberals make nothing but excuses for him.

Why do I say this? Have I too, lost my marbles? I say this because Joe Biden has proven to be the worst vice president since Walter Mondale and the funniest man in Washington or Hollywood or even Las Vegas.

He can’t help himself.

And now I know why Obama picked him as his running mate. It is obvious that no matter how inept he is; people must have second thoughts as to which would be more calamitous — a president Joe Biden or Barack Obama.

In either case, the American people lose. And we deserve what we are getting.

I can only hope and pray that the Republicans can mount a good campaign and demonstrate that they have a program that makes sense, offers hope, and will work.

I should also mention the GOP needs a winning candidate.

Please, GOP, help us! We need you now more than ever!

Bob Grant

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