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Appeasing the Aggressor

December 16, 2010

Have any of you read or heard about what is going on in Holland? It could very well be going on here and probably will be before too long.

What is going on in the Netherlands is a trial which is aimed at a legitimate citizen who is also a politician. His name is Geert Wilders.

He is being persecuted because of a disgraceful law that the cowardly Dutch have put on the books. The law is clear. The wording of the law targets anyone who “publicly, verbally or in writing or image, deliberately expresses himself in any way insulting of a group of people because of their race, their religion, or belief.”

A leading scholar of the Arabic and Islamic world and especially of the Koran known as Hans Jansen in Holland, retired from the University of Utrecht after a long and distinguished career. He was called to testify as to whether the Koran, as claimed by Wilders, is that harsh and violent against any non-Muslim.

Jansen said all his information and knowledge says that Wilders did not state anything about the Koran that isn’t true.

Why do the Dutch, whose country they live in have to apologize or even explain anything to the invaders from Morocco?

Isn&38217;t it amazing how we people who are either European or of European descent, feel so defensive when it is the Muslims, not we Christians, who are aggressors and the interlopers in another culture’s nation?

As long as we continue to demonstrate a fecklessness and cowardice; as long as we act as though we are the ones guilty of violence and intolerance; we will continue to be on the defensive.

For heaven’s sake, when will we learn that the more you appease the aggressor, the more the aggressor takes and takes until he takes your very life.

I am sick of it!

Bob Grant

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