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September 9, 2010

I have been receiving congratulations on my 40th anniversary on New York talk radio.

A listener from Harrison sent an e-mail to the executive producer informing her of my anniversary. It said in part, “You may not know it, but on September 21, Bob Grant will mark his 40th anniversary in New York Radio. It was on that date in 1970 that he blazed a new trail in broadcasting to become the ’King of talk radio in New York and nationwide.’”

Upon receiving that e-mail, the producer forwarded it to me and asked me if that was true. Being a stickler for unimportant details I wrote back, “Yes, it is correct except the date is September 20, not the 21st.”

Now isn’t that pathetic? More importantly, what has happened in these 40 years is unbelievable. I am not talking solely about what has happened in the life of Bob Grant, I am talking about what has happened in the life of this once great Republic.

I have come to feel about our nation as I would feel about an old, avuncular friend. You know how it is with old friends, you feel as though if they weren’t there anymore it would be hard to accept their shuffling off this mortal coil.

But, I do feel our nation is dying and only we, the American people, can save it.

But, how can we save this nation if every move we make to do so is called racist, homophobic, and xenophobic?

These words have paralyzed most Americans because we have been brainwashed by the media elites who are arrogant and smug. We mistake that for certitude and knowledge and authority.

They have no authority. It reminds me of William Shakespeare. In his play, “Julius Caesar,” one of the conspirators in the Roman Senate asks, “They say he has authority, but who gives him that authority? Why, we do!”

And that my fellow Americans is where we are today. Who gives the left-wing media and their handmaidens in destroying the once great republic a platform? We do.

And as long as we are made to feel guilty for wanting to preserve and protect our legacy given by the founding fathers, we will fail and the Obama-ites will win.

Give yourselves a great gift. Give yourselves a guilt free conscience because you have nothing to feel guilty about.

You have something to be proud of . . . you are Americans!

Bob Grant

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