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The Day After Midterms

November 3, 2010

I must confess. I had to stop watching Obama’s press conference.

I could not stand another self-serving, narcissistic dishonest, disingenuous mini speech from this egomaniacal socialist pretender for one more minute.

But, on this day which I should celebrate because the Republicans did take back the House of Representatives, and did well in the many gubernatorial contests, I still feel unfulfilled.

I think that somewhat empty feeling is caused by the inability of the GOP senatorial candidate in Washington to break through the crooked vote taking in King County which encompasses the Seattle area.

The candidate I am referring to is Dino Rossi. Rossi has excellent credentials and would make a fine senator.

Certainly, he would be far superior to incumbent Patty Murray.

Although Rossi appears to be of sound mind, he must be a masochist because a few years ago he ran for governor against a woman by the name of Christine Gregoire and lost twice!

He really is reputed to have had more votes at that time, but you can’t argue with the corrupt Democrat King County machine.

So, after a torturous vote count, Rossi conceded and King County kept its hard-earned reputation as a mendacious, scurrilous political machine.

But, I digress. I must admit I never felt more proud of myself than I did on the morning of November 2.

After I finished voting for John Runyan for Congress in the Third District of New Jersey, I couldn’t help but notice there were many more Jon Adler signs than ever.

The signs sprung up like mushrooms after a drenching rain. Adler was the incumbent after just winning the seat two years ago because the Republicans did what comes naturally . . . fight amongst themselves!

They did their internecine bit after Jim Saxton, the popular Republican congressman retired due to ill health.

Putting all that history aside, let me tell you what made me so proud. I took down several Adler signs!

These signs had been placed all over the place and in particular in front of Runyan’s signs. Yes, I know this sounds juvenile, but, thanks to Obama, I have become cynical and bitter.

What bothers me most of all about Obama is his act of being “cool” and his pretense of being a true historian of American politics.

So today, when he just couldn’t bring himself to be honest and answer the reporters’ questions directly without puffery and an evasive demeanor, I couldn’t take watching any longer and decided to share this with you.

I don’t know how many of you are still out there reading this blog. A month ago, I did get a report there were more people reading it than I thought.

I have invited your input, but you are either not there, or if you are there, then you are shy.

Whatever the case, I do hope two years hence we can get rid of Barack the bloviater.

And, congratulations to John Boehner who should be the new speaker of the house. He is a good, decent man who was vilified by Obama because they were looking for a villain.

The Obama gang should have known all along . . . the only villains were themselves.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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