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Don’t Deny Being Republican!

January 26, 2010

I just don’t get it!

I just don’t understand why some people, especially intelligent, articulate people could be intimidated so easily by a left-wing person or publication that they pretend they are above any political party preference whatsoever.

Case in point, this past weekend Bill O’Reilly appeared onstage in Long Island, New York, not too far from his luxurious mansion.

He appeared with his new found partner, Glenn Beck. Both pundits have enormously popular shows on Fox, the O’Reilly Factor and the Glenn Beck Show. And both put on an entertaining show and naturally each expressed their views of the political scene in America today in their “bold fresh tour.”

Neither one thinks much of President Barack Obama, to say the least. Of course, O’Reilly professes he is the most fair and balanced person whoever lived.

And Beck is so afraid of being accused of being a Republican or of favoring the Republicans, he is constantly telling us he is unaffiliated with any political party. He also often informs his audience that his grandfather and father, and, for that matter, all the Becks, were Democrats.

The reason both “Mr. Bold” and “Mr. Fresh,” take great pains to explain how untainted they are by the GOP elephant because the left-wing rag, Newsday, after reviewing their performance, accused them of shilling for the GOP and of trying to get votes for Republicans while running down Democrats.

Now, it just so happens both Beck and O’Reilly are two very talented, intelligent, and entertaining fellows. They make tons of money and they deserve their fame and fortune.

I am glad they are on my side of the political battle. However, I do wish they would stop trying to avoid any favoritism with the Republican Party.

It just so happens, like it or not, that is the system we have essentially had since the founding of this once great Republic. The two-party system is the product of the constitutional form of government given us by our founding fathers.

There is no viable third party. And if the day ever comes that a viable third party does exist, then one of the two major parties will disappear. Remember before the Republicans of 1856, there were only two parties . . . the Democrats and the Whigs.

Neither party wanted to abolish slavery. The Democrats especially were the proslavery party. The Republican Party was born because they were abolitionists.

How ironic that the party that came into being because it fought to emancipate the blacks in America is the party that is shunned by the blacks in America. But history is riddled with ironies.

Paradox is part and parcel of the history of the human race. It is to be expected. It is not the exception one might think it is.That is what makes history so fascinating and so perplexing. If more people learned history we would all be better for it.

So, O’Reilly and Beck, I salute you both. But, would you stop knocking yourselves out trying to prove you are not Republicans?

For what it is worth, I am a Republican and proud of it!

Bob Grant

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