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Have We Lost 2012 Already?

December 12, 2010

I remember a remarkable political science teacher I had at the University of Illinois.

He loved American history and he loved America. This was before the 1960s so not all college faculties were swollen with radical, left-wing Berkley-type political morons.

But, this professor I mention had a belief that most political campaigns are not won, but are lost. He could go on and on . . . not looking at notes or in the textbooks, but from memory. He loved to share with his students.

This professor also pointed out that luck and happenstance (which may be the same thing) played a huge part in most political campaigns.

I thought of this great man when I read Charles Krauthammer's analysis of the deal worked out between Republican members of the incoming Congress and Barack Obama.

Everyone seems to be of the opinion that the GOP took the president to the cleaners. But, Dr. Krauthammer says it was the other way around.

He points out that the Republicans, in their zeal to extend the Bush tax cuts, swallowed a stimulus package of a trillion dollars.

This huge bite will increase the deficit and the national debt, and it will also create a big infusion of cash into the economy which will make Obama look a whole lot better in 2012 than he does right now.

In another words, what Charles Krauthammer is saying is candidate Obama can look forward to second term — thanks to the naive Republicans who were the ones in over their heads — not the president.

For two reasons, all of this distresses me a great deal.

First of all, I was hoping we would be Obama-free in 2013. Secondly, the Democrats will regain the Congress after being out just two years.

Nothing, of course, is etched in stone. And many things could and doubtless will happen between now and November of 2012.

I will hope and even pray that Obama is a one-term president.

But, if he is re-elected, as Mr. Krauthammer fears, then will it be due to Obama’s brilliance, or will it be Mitch McConnell’s stupidity?

I wish on this last post of the week I could be more sanguine.

But, as I learned so painfully in April of l996, I am a pessimist at heart.

Bob Grant

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